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"This is a new kind of brotherhood. These are our diaries..."


- Matthew Draughter, Poet & Producer

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diary, no. 14-
Feel Yo'self with Rondell Bob


Rondell Bob, DPT, He/Him
Doctor of Physical Therapy & Personal Trainer
New Orleans, La 

Diary, No. 14 is all about Rondell Bob, DPT & his confidence. Matty talks to Rondell about his life as an openly gay man who's embraced his balding process throughout his young adult years. We also tap into Rondell's sense of self-assurance and talk about the importance to self-care and authentic relationships as we dissect his views on black masculinity. Listen to the full episode wherever you pod & watch the full episode on Youtube.

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diary, no. 13-
Lala Land with Taylor Nevels


Taylor Nevels, He/Him
Influencer & Content Creator
Los Angeles, CA 

Diary, no. 13 swings us back to the West Coast to talk to Taylor Nevels, Teacher's Assistant, Entrepreneur and Musician. Matty catches up with Taylor about his recent experiences working in education, what it’s like to show up for young students of color today, and how the experience is different from attending Howard University. We tackle the idea of manhood, and get an in-depth look into his family, growing up in California, and how all these moments impacted him to growing out his hair today.

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diary, no. 12-
On the Outside with Quincy Jay


Quincy Jay, He/Him
Influencer & Content Creator
New York City, NY

Diary, No. 12 is an episode full of laughs. Matty Draughter catches up with Quincy Jay, Personal Trainer & Influencer, for an in-depth conversation on growing up Bi-Racial & Gay, what relationships with Barbers can look like for Queer men of color, and the importance of self identification. We also dig into his Influencer career & family, as he explains how he learned to find self-confidence; and, of course, we had to have a moment for the Lambily.

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diary, no. 11-
11:Eleven with Karlito Payton

Karl Payton, He/Him
Hair Stylist
New York City, NY