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"Too Good" for Effective Communication?

“We communicators are the worst communicators when it comes to coordination.” Last week, I heard this and it gave me some perspective. 

Has your heart ever stopped when the iMessage said, “Delivered?” Or, wondered why so and so won’t stop texting you? Or maybe if the subtext of my text was upset enough?  

In any kind of situationship, people always find themselves wondering if they completely got their point across. The truth is, our generation... like all generations are able to get in formation about everything else except effective communication.  

So the question is... do we always say what we mean and mean what we say? It’s not always that simple. Learning how to communicate is pretty much an art, and, like all art... it’s unfortunately always up to your interpretation. 

The only perfect thing about the art of communication is that we can all perfect our own art, and hopefully one day make a masterpiece. 

So, how do we get to that masterpiece? How do we get to the place where communication can eventually be golden?

I’ve realized that that starts with ourselves. We need to start being honest with ourselves in every circumstance. We need to accept the things that we’ve already understood and sometimes admit that we don’t always know everything. 

Maybe then, we’ll stop pretending the hydrangeas smell like roses, when we know for damn certain they aren’t roses. 

Nobody’s perfect. That means no one’s communication style will be perfect. Just remember to have the initial conversation with yourself about what you really want. 

You can’t get in formation or be too good to anybody else until you learn how to talk to yourself. So save yourself a useless flight overseas. Think about it, be about it, speak about it.

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