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"Still Miss You": What To Do When You Miss Your Ex

Ever scrolled past the page of someone you fell out with? Or even worse, saw your ex after a breakup? You can’t lie about the fact that there’s this awkwardness that sits in your spirit for a minute after you see them. Then that awkwardness sits a little bit, but as it sits it turns into curiosity. You tap the profile and you scroll.

Seeing that person in a new space after you've split is also weird. Because you’re also in a new space. But you lurk and things seem familiar, sometimes they even look a little different, but sometimes they just look the same. So you start to think about all of the memories you had with that person, you scroll back up, swipe left, and go on with your day.

We love to talk about how much we’re over someone, how much we don’t think about them anymore, but the truth is sometimes you just miss someone. When you lose someone, whether that situationship be a lover or a friend, there’s an immense sense of betrayal and loss you need to figure out how to understand. They’re two very big emotions to deal with, especially because you never imagined dealing with them when it came to this person. But, even when you have to deal with unexpected emotions, it’s important to always first acknowledge yours.

Spring is all about letting go of all of the old stuff. It’s a time where you tidy up your space, set up new routines, start getting ready for Summer. But, it’s also a good time to think about where you’re at and how you’re feeling. If you’re in a place where you’re letting go of a relationship, be honest about that process. If you’ve lost a friend, after a few months you’ve probably traveled through a number of the stages in the grief process, you start to wonder where you are with that person. The good news is, the hard part is over, kind of…

As you start to find that uptick in your mood and work through your emotions to Acceptance, you learn a couple of things along the way.

  1. You learn that you actually are over the person since it’s honestly done and overdue. There’s no point in harping on someone who clearly doesn’t want you.

  2. You reflect on the growth you’ve experienced from that separation. Time apart from someone you’ve been connected to for sometime forces you to alter your life a bit. Appreciate the spring cleaning that’s occurred in you.

  3. You accept the fact that you’ll live. But, that thing they say about you always loving some part of a person you lose is true. So, you also accept the fact that sometime’s you’ll always low-key miss that situationship, too.

Hopefully, the thought of that person doesn’t rush you straight to the thought of wanting to forget about them. But, if it does, never stop praising yourself for your growth. Never downplay your accomplishments in your time of a storm. And, always know that you’re strong enough to start over again.

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