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Reset Yourself: "Get It Together"

Draughter’s been stuck for about 75 days. Since we’ve last met there have been over a dozen stories that have happened that I’ve wanted to share, but couldn’t. Not because I didn’t want to, but because my emotions felt like they were being torn between heaven, hell and purgatory. When your emotions are pulled in three different directions, your voice loses its way and it becomes harder for you to be honest with yourself about what you want. You start to lose a sense of familiarity with what you choose to say, how you say it, but more importantly, who you should be sharing your voice with.

When it comes to life, there’s always a fine line between sharing all of your business while being 100% honest with your voice and what you really should be saying. Whether you’re working in an uncomfortable setting where you feel like you can’t be your whole self or being a person who wants to relate to people with your voice, or just dealing with someone who you feel like you cannot connect to, it’s hard being real with people while you have a guard up.

The thing about guards is that if you keep them up too long, your voice gets gridlocked— permanently. You’ll never share anything. You’ll never giver yourself a chance to connect with someone. You’ll spend all your time wondering what someone will say about you, or how they’ll treat you. You’ll spend so much time wondering when that potential  connection might hurt you, and that you might be preventing the chance for your voice or theirs to reciprocate some form of help.

There are moments in life where you don’t know what to feel. Those stories are ones that we all have, but only some of us are brave enough to tell them. In telling them, be real with yourself. But always remember “If you need more time to understand how you feel about a thing, give yourself more time to understand how you feel about a thing.”  

We rarely realize in emotional purgatory that choosing life is really choosing forgiveness. We all have something within us that keeps us tip toeing on the line of being too honest and being too personal. After all, how can you ever connect with someone if your honesty isn’t built from experience? Just remember to work on that part of yourself that sends you in a frenzy. Think about how that contributes to your inability to use your voice and ask yourself if there something you can do to choose life to calm that frenzy of feelings down.  Is there something you can do to get more personal with someone or a part of yourself?

If you’re reading this, I challenge you to do something to dig a little bit deeper. Whether it’s talking to someone you’d never expect to talk to at work or just trying to see something from another perspective. Encourage your mind to not always be so guarded. Be an ear to someone else. As you listen, the walls will start to let certain people in. Your ears will turn into a heart. And that’s when the ugly duckling in you starts transitioning into a swan.

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