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Partnerships: On "Make Me Better"

The snoring that led to the shove off the bed or their inability to make a quick decision in a time need might be just a few things that bother us about our partners. But, one this is certain, in every relationship there will come a time to answer the question: Do we really like everything about our partner? 

The simple answer to that is no. Just like anything in life, there’s always something you don’t like your favorite thing. Whether it’s a scene in your favorite movie or a song on your favorite album. The truth is we don’t always love everything about our partner. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. It actually means quite the opposite, and in fact it might mean that you’re finding ways to build up your team, and upgrade it to the next level.

But, what team might that be? Well, the one that you and your partner decided to make when you committed yourselves to one another.  

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the only way that sports teams win championships is through practice. The only way that you have effective practice is through constant communication, bonding, and experiences where you all have to decide to collectively give your all to push your limits. The same way that sports teams do all of these things, it’s important that we do them with our partners. 

So how do we make the perfect scenario a tangible reality? How can we be the block while the other person is the lights that keep the streets on? How can we find our LeBron, D-Wade & Bosh "Big Three" combination? It starts by making your own rules. 

Some experts say that relationships are essentially the building of a team— a partnership of sorts. And just like any partnership, the science of how to make things work in them most efficient and effective way is always determined by a few things. 

Those things, whether there are designated date nights or times spent together to help one another be productive are essentially your practices. You set your own rules, learn from one another, and figure out how to make things work. 

So, it’s not as easy as getting on the court and making things shake. Winning teams really only occur because people have learned what works for them. Some people can’t spend every waking second with their significant other, and others can. Winning isn’t a product of imitation. It’s not just mirroring what they see from other teams. It’s using what you’ve essentially learned by trial and error and making the own rules to make your own championship winning team.

Sometimes your team might have a few more obstacles to overcome before you’re ready to play in the finals. It’s enviable that problems will occur due to human error. People will have tendencies and habits that you may never like, and it will be the same for your partner. But it’s not just about dealing with those things, it’s about identifying the cons, addressing them, and practicing communication, honesty, and trust to work through the hiccups that can ultimately cost you the prize or just an overall upgrade. 

Eventually, the small annoyances can potentially turn into a love language. These will be the instances that teach you more how to think like your partner. And, ultimately, these are the things that will help you learn your partner like you know yourself. Then you can focus on y’all focus, feed them, and make them better. 

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