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Matthew Draughter is a Poet and Producer based on the West Coast. 

Black. Storyteller. Brand wizard. Queer. Poet. Multifaceted producer. Adventure finder. Gym junkie. Bop enthusiast. 

By day, I'm a digital producer. By night, I'm a poet, producer and content strategist, constantly exploring avenues to tie people's stories together to build community.


I've always loved a good story. Especially the ones that make you think differently and spin out a lil' bit. 


From being born and raised in New Orleans, to living in Paris, Chicago, San Francisco, and Portland, I've learned that we all have experiences and our stories are the moments that bring us together.


Through my lessons and situationships, I've become intangibly me. My story is about how I can use my words and creations to make space and build for others. 

Follow me on the socials and find out more about my day to day project here.


Let's spin together!✨ 

After Paris Is Burning
the braid boy diaries
celestial-: short film series

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